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Nicole Vigna

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Garden Your Reality. Design Your Universe. Bring Your Inner World to Life.

Nicole Vigna is the founder of Well of Wisdom, a wellness company dedicated to promoting the integration of ancient wisdom traditions and wellness disciplines into modern living. A wellness & lifestyle mentor, yoga & meditation instructor, licensed massage therapist, singer/songwriter, poet, project manager and public speaker, Nicole creates empowered & inspired atmospheres for people to experience,
grow and thrive.

As a professional yoga instructor over the past 17 years, she has led classes, workshops & trainings internationally and weaves thousands of hours of comprehensive study, training and personal practice from both Tibetan and Indian lineages of yoga, meditation & philosophy into her work.

Nicole draws on a well of personal and professional experience, which has inspired and catalyzed her into the service of others. She believes that wellness requires wisdom, and that wisdom from deep, reliable, time-honored sources is needed to achieve lasting results.

Nicole is deeply dedicated to continued personal development and cannot think of anything more fulfilling than offering her own life and skills in service to others’ healing, personal growth & happiness, and to promote a healthy, happy, peaceful, enlightened world.

Nicole’s Sunday Yoga Class:

The Yoga of Lady Niguma
Open Your Chakras; Transform Your World
How do you transform your reality fast? Do Yoga! Using the outer methods of asana
(postures) & pranayama (breath regulation) combined with the inner methods of
meditative concentration, one can, over time, skillfully transform and conquer ‘kleshas’,
which are the negative emotions which create all of the problems in our lives. Try to
imagine having a method at your fingertips for taming negative emotions; or better
yet, eliminating them altogether!
Open your chakras and transform your world through practicing this simple, fun, deeply
meditative, chakra opening series designed 1000 years ago by the illustrious yogini,
Lady Niguma.  Allow the wisdom of Lady Niguma’s special four-step asana method to
conquer negative emotions and open your heart wide to wisdom, compassion, love
and joy!


Nicole’s Sunday Presentation:

Explore 12 fun, life-transforming steps for cracking the safe to inner joy! These practical steps are derived from time-honored wisdom sources that have survived for close to
2500 years. You may have heard some of these jewels of wisdom before along the way…but have you ever lived the magic of them?
From this presentation and a brief interactive ‘playshop’, gain insights into these 12 beautiful, ancient secrets and walk away with a simple and practical action plan which can help you actively cultivate more joy and success in your worldly and spiritual goals.

Author: Ina Mohan