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2 Days

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MAIN KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dr.Leonard Horowitz, Don Jose Ruiz, Rev. Arlene Hylton, Michael Mirdad and many more!

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4 weeks of ON DEMAND REPLAY!
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Get Your LIVESTREAM Recordings Now!

Only $69
Total Value of $209

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The Soul Connection event in Sedona is a life-changing weekend where you can connect body, mind & soul to tap into your limitless potential!

Top speakers in the fields of spiritual growth, transformation, personal development and alternative health are coming together in Sedona to share their wisdom and inspirations with you!

Let us take you on a journey to discover the impact that your mental, emotional and spiritual habits have on your overall wellbeing and the life you want to attract. Find out how your own beliefs can heal or harm you, and how you can align your inner and outer worlds in harmony. Remove the roadblocks on your life path and find happiness, abundance and fulfillment!

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  • Learn to activate the law of abundance to tap into your highest potential.
  • Cultivate the art of happiness with simple everyday habits.
  • Find out how your thoughts and emotions can heal or harm you, and how to create vibrant health, longevity and abundance.
  • Empower yourself with intentions and affirmations to attract the life you want.
  • Learn to remove the subconscious roadblocks on your path to joy and success.
  • Discover the healing power of pure plant foods to raise your organ vibrations.
  • Learn about the connection between science and ancient spiritual teachings.
  • Discover the 528 Hz healing love frequency that repairs your DNA and unites the Universe.
  • And so much more!
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Watch Live Recordings

Produced with high quality video equipment and captured by multiply camera angles, you can relive the event, from the moment our event producer opens the show through the final speaker. You can watch the entire event or just certain speakers. It is a submersion into the actual event experience where you’ll feel like you were in the room!

PLUS 4 Week On-Demand Replay

As of the moment you get your ticket, you also get 4 weeks of replay access beginning the day after your purchase! Watch at your own pace — over and over again, wherever you are and whenever you want!

PLUS Exclusive Interviews and Behind the Scenes Footage!

  • Watch every speaker from home on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone!
  • Have access to special deals only offered at the event.
Only $69
Total Value of $209
Get Your Livestream Recordings Now!
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Dr. Leonard Horowitz

don Jose Ruiz

Don Jose Ruiz

Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad

Amalia Camateros

Amalia Camateros

Rev. Arlene Hylton

Rev. Arlene Hylton

Nicole Vigna

Nicole Vigna

Shannon Rae

Shannon Rae

dr lori krauss

Dr. Lori Krauss

Jodi Paige

Jodi Paige

chef mayra

Chef Mayra Trabulse

shane stewart

Shane Stuart

hhh speaker ina mohan

Ina Mohan

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What web browser should I use?

You should be able to use any web browser, but we recommend Google Chrome, as this is where we are testing the livestream on.

Can I share my Livestream Recordings Link?

No, your invitation is limited to your personal ticket purchase only. We do encourage to get multiple people into the room and enjoy watching it together!

Can I replay the sessions?

Yes! You get 4 weeks of replay access starting the day after you purchase your recordings.

How long are the speaker sessions?

Most speaker sessions are between 45 and 60 minutes and two keynotes are 90 minutes. We also have some great interactive sessions in this program! See the event schedule for all speaker sessions and what to expect!

Do I need a WIFI connection?

No specific WIFI connection is needed but a solid internet connection is recommended. If you are watching from your phone, you may experience slower connections depending on your service.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our live events and the commitments we make, we cannot issue refunds on livestream tickets.

Get Your LIVESTREAM Recordings Now!

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