John Pierre

Renowned Nutrition and Fitness Expert; Trainer to the Stars; Pioneer in Creating Brain-Building Classes; Author. Credited as being one of the first pioneers in the U.S. to create “brain-building” classes that enhance cognitive fitness in our geriatrics community, 25 years of experience has provided John with a unique understanding and ability to help others with cognitive challenges.

John Pierre is sometimes referred to as “Trainer to the Stars” because he trains TV and Hollywood celebrities Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson, Emily Deschanel, rock stars, and Fortune 500 executives. Assisting a wide range of clientele, including military personnel, hard-core athletes, and people of all backgrounds and fitness levels, John’s passion is to help everyone.

Through the decades, John witnessed his office progressively fill up with new clients who suffered from increased mental and physical decline. This inspired him to share his knowledge with a greater number of people by writing a book. His first published endeavor, The Pillars of Health, discusses the four solid principles that provide everyone with a strong foundation for lasting, lifelong wellbeing.

John shows that attaining vibrant health can be fun, enjoyable, and doable. Eating wholesome, delicious foods, engaging and expanding our mind with cognitive fitness modalities, challenging our body with joyous physical motion, and embracing a loving and compassionate outlook create the solid “pillars” that lead to lifelong wellness.

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Author: Ouieal