This health and wellness program was created to combine all of the elements that are essential for your complete physical and emotional well-being!

Healthy nutrition and overall fitness are both vital components for your physical health and wellness, and you can find emotional balancing & healing through personal development and spirituality. To round everything up, your social interactions and the environment we live in play an important role too.

Our bodies are amazing self-healing machines, if we would only allow them to thrive to their fullest potential and if we stop sabotaging our own inner healing powers through ignorance and the wrong lifestyle choices!

Recognizing nutrition and lifestyle as powerful sources for optimal health and wellness came to me through a personal tragedy. I was certified as a chef in Germany, where I grew up, and my relationship with food was all about the taste, but I never connected the dots between food and health. That changed dramatically when my mom died of breast cancer in 2004 and my dad barely survived two encounters with colon cancer shortly thereafter. I was devastated and very disillusioned by the limitations of conventional medicine, so I started researching other options that we have to prevent and deal with diseases – and what I found changed my life forever!

Everything we need to have optimal health and wellbeing is already inside us, it just has to be activated and nourished with the right mix of healthy nutrition, our mental state and the lifestyle choices we make!

Educating people about the power of natural health and wellness with nutrition became my life’s mission, and in 2009 I gave up my long-term corporate career and started my own company Belsandia as a resource for healthy plant-based nutrition and lifestyle choices that allow us to truly thrive!

It is my mission to introduce you to the very best natural health experts and alternative healing solutions on the planet, so that you can discover your best personal options to deal with physical and emotional issues naturally, without invasive and harmful measures!

At my Health, Healing & Happiness events you will learn about the limitless natural healing options that are available to you! You may arrive with doubts and questions at first, but you may leave this event empowered and with a strong knowing that you do have some control over what happens in your life! Along the way you will meet many like-minded people, who are sharing the same journey and can provide you with the resources and support you need!

  • Get inspired by our top presenters
  • Let master chefs of plant-based cuisines show you how delicious healthy food can be
  • Visit our amazing vendors at the holistic health expo
  • Win exciting gifts at the big raffle
  • Attend our yoga and fitness classes
  • And have a phenomenal time!


Ina Mohan
President & Founder

Hello I am Ina Mohan, the creator, producer and organizer of this event, which has been a huge success since 2012.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and have created my company Belsandia here in 2009. Belsandia is a work of passion and conviction about a healthy, cruelty-free, and sustainable lifestyle. I hope this shows in the content, and that you will find the information that you are looking for. Please come back often, as I will constantly update the site with new material to make it a useful companion for you.


Ina! I had the best time at the conference & I just wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You did an amazing job with everything, & I loved all the speakers & learned so much. It also touched my heart to learn more about your story & the motivation behind the event with the illness in your family. My grandpa just died from congestive heart failure, & my mother died from breast cancer when I was only three. I often wonder if they'd still be here had they had access to the kind of information shared at the conference. I also often feel powerless like there is nothing much else I can do to help others, but seeing how you organized this event & helped so many people makes me realize there is always a way to help if you never give up. Thank you so much!!!

Aurora N. March 10, 2017

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