Don Tolman

Don Tolman is known as the Whole Food Medicine Cowboy, because for 17 years he searched the world for the lost wisdom of the ancients…. the truths about the real potential of human beings… which has been kept hidden from the masses. He read & interpreted the most profound ancient scrolls, was given special dispensation rights to pour through hidden ancient libraries, and searched through dusty old catacombs.!

Don is constantly being asked to share his wisdom on the most prominent television, radio shows & publications globally.

Don Tolman has been sharing how to use whole, natural foods & natures gifts to their fullest potential to help people become well again, vital and energized. He has helped thousands of people worldwide from Hollywood stars, peak performance body builders & athletes, people who have been diagnosed with terminal illness, children & much more.

Don invites you to open your mind to the possibility that nature has a wisdom beyond our current comprehension. And investigate for yourself what he has discovered using your own internal guidance system… the wisdom that’s right for you. You’ll know if the nuggets of wisdom Don shares feels like the truth to you!

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Author: Ina Mohan