Chef Keidi Awadu

Chef Keidi Awadu – Raw Food Chef, Expert Horticulturist; Speaker; Author; Recording Artist; Journalist; Creator of Documentary “Chewicide”

“Food is Nature’s most perfect medicine and medicine never tasted like this before!”

Join Chef Keidi for an interactive and highly animated nutrition talk & tasting!

Chef Keidi Awadu is an award-winning raw food chef who has developed a brand of nutritionally dense cuisine he calls Living Superfood. He has pioneered a healing modality based upon nutritional healing and preventative medicine using gourmet raw food cuisine as delivery vehicle for vital nutrients.

He is the author of 27 books on health, culture and the humanities and an internationally featured lecturer on health, culture, economics, conspiracy and progressive activism.

The trilinigual native to Columbus is a life-long organic gardening expert horticulturalist is also the visionary developer of the Kujichagulia Villages Projects (Intentional Communities)

Chef Keidi is currently completing a trilogy of books on the Living Superfood healing system: “LIVING SUPERFOOD RECIPES”, “LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH: Understanding Full-Spectrum Hyper-Nutrition”, and “OFF-THE-WEIGHT: 30 Days to a New You”

Find out more about Chef Keid Awadu’s Living Superfood Program here!


Author: Ouieal