Brenda Carey

Brenda Carey

Brenda Carey – Founder and Editor in Chief Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine; Model, Athlete, Author and more!


Brenda is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine.  As a lifelong athlete and 26-year vegan, she founded this magazine in 2012 to provide accurate information on vegan nutrition as well as inspirational and informative stories about great vegan athletes around the world.  A skilled researcher and a fan of hard evidence, Brenda is a licensed attorney.  Brenda’s background also includes an international modeling career for many years, as well as being behind the camera herself.  Brenda wrote columns on environmental and animal rights issues for many newspapers and was an editor of the top US environmental academic journal Ecology Law Quarterly.

Brenda Carey will speak about her favorite topic—Vegan Health & Fitness.  Whether you are an athlete or interested in preventing or overcoming disease or just getting into great shape, she loves to answer your questions!

Brenda works closely with top vegan athletes and nutritional experts all over the world and her talks provide information on how optimum nutrition can provide you with optimum performance – as an athlete and beyond!

Brenda is also the Editor in Chief/Publisher of a brand-new magazine called “Fit Over 40”, which will be launched this fall!


Author: Ina Mohan